Mar 31

Portion Distortion

ONE-TWO PUNCH allows you to get serious about portion control.71 Sometimes, when you follow a diet, you’re focusing on what you eat, by cutting out food groups and not how much you eat. It’s important that you view foods a little more equally and lose the judgment. With this shift... read more →
Mar 25

What About Alcohol?

The last few pages include a lot of chatter and graphs about grams of carbohydrate, protein and fat. I included this for factual information, comparison and example. It would be easy to go down the rabbit hole with the particular grams of carbohydrate, protein and fat of various food items.... read more →
Mar 19


Milk is also considered a hybrid food in OTP. It used to be that when someone said milk, everyone knew they were talking about cow milk – that was the only available option. Now, there’s rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, flaxseed milk, coconut milk, soy milk, goat milk, oat... read more →
Mar 11

Spilling the Beans and the Fat

In ONE-TWO PUNCH, fat is treated as a condiment that will add to your feelings of fullness and satisfaction.75 If you’re using the fist as your parameter, you can keep the fat intake in check. Yes, nuts are super tasty, and it would be easy to go overboard and eat... read more →
Mar 05

This Could Be You…

For starters, I have never had a weight problem, but I have had a carb problem. I have always been somewhat active and have tried to be aware of what I was eating. I have never been one to diet because restricting myself always backfires.  The stress of a bad... read more →
Feb 26

One-Two Punch

Remember I told you this book would teach you to eat in a balanced way without measuring, tracking, weighing or calculating? Make a fist; that’s the portion size of carbohydrate and the portion size of protein you need EVERY time you’re hungry and decide to eat. The size of your... read more →
Feb 12

Blood Sugar

The concept and importance of balance and the insulin response is worth repeating again in a different way. When you eat a carbohydrate ALONE, without protein or fat, blood sugar can rise quickly. Without anything to slow it down, like protein or fat, your blood sugar can “spike” and then... read more →
Feb 05


The first foundational principle, BURN, might be the hardest of all — to distinguish physical hunger. The principle of BALANCE is designed to help you regulate and stabilize your physical hunger and fullness. We do this by balancing the carbohydrate and protein entering your stomach (incinerator) and then your bloodstream.... read more →
Jan 29

Rest the Incinerator

Just as emotions affect your ability to sense hunger and fullness, sleep significantly influences how you behave.35,53-55 Adequate sleep keeps you mentally sharp, reduces the stress you feel and repairs the wear and tear the body receives during it’s waking hours. Inadequate sleep makes you less productive, slower in general... read more →
Jan 22

Water in the OTP

The need to drink more water is old news. Here’s how it applies to your incinerator. You could easily mistake hunger for thirst, making you reach for something to eat when you are not “technically” hungry. When you are not actually physically hungry, the hormone ghrelin has not been released... read more →