A “Must Have” book to learn about healthy eating

What a fantastic book explained in simple terms on how to eat healthy! And, this lifelong eating plan is sustainable! Yahoo! I read the book in one day as I could not put it down; and it is not a diet–just sensible eating when you are hungry. While reading the book, I felt I was personally talking with the author, Claudia. She makes it so easy to read and understand. I am a visual learner, therefore, her colorful photos, charts, and lists are awesome! I purchased four more books to share as gifts as I feel this information is something everyone should have. It is with great enthusiasm that I highly recommend this book! 🙂

Great information that can change your life!

I love how this book makes it simple to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I do not believe in diets, but I believe in lifestyle changes and this book accomplishes exactly this! If you want a book that makes complete sense and takes the measuring and guess work out, then this book is perfect for you. Loved it!

Easy and doable!

There are so many diets, health plans, and ways of eating in this world that is it so confusing on what is really the right thing to do. The book takes all of that and simplifies it. It makes eating healthy feel doable and takes the guilt out! I love that this is written by someone with the education and experience to provide accurate information. Love and recommend highly!

This book is AWESOME!!!

This book is an awesome resource for people who have struggled with eating healthy, managing body weight and understanding what eating plan works best for them! Claudia is an expert in field of nutrition and has the background/experience to help you with healthy eating. As a registered dietitian, I find this content to be super solid! Claudia has terrific references to back up her words – which makes this approach scientifically sound. Claudia also has a fun, casual, easy to read approach to her writing that make the book enjoyable to devour. The photos are AMAZING!!! The colors, layout and overall look are so appealing – making it fun to read through. This is not a short term eating plan or a gimmick – but a lifelong approach to eating healthy that is sustainable and realistic. You can (and should!) eat all of your favorite foods! In fact, Claudia says “Don’t eat anything you don’t like. Just don’t.” I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!! 2 thumbs up 🙂

I finally feel in tune with my body

Total game changer! This book spells it all out, plain and simple. It takes out the guesswork. Eating intuitively has never been second nature to me… until this book. Recognizing the cue’s my body was giving me was a big piece of the puzzle. I’m finally eating the way my body needs to be fed. The pictures are beautiful and I love the way the information is presented. In quick, easy to grasp concepts. I recommend this book to everyone I know. Boomdiada!!!

Health made simple

Forget all the nonsense you have been fed your entire life on diet. This book simplifies everything, takes the guilt out of pleasure foods, and is actually do-able. The best part is, it’s also a quick read, so you can start living healthier NOW instead of after you’ve read a full novel. Where has this book been all my life?