Oct 30

Is This For You?

Do you want to eat healthy without trying too hard? Are you tired of dieting to get the results you want? Why is it so complicated? Why do we need so many plans, directions, instructions and laws governing our eating? Every year it is something different. Eat this, don’t eat that! Oh wait, scratch that! Well, let’s see. Okay, hold please for more research. Is that how you feel? We are spending billions of dollars on programs and products, yet not becoming healthier as a society or as individuals.1-4 

This book is for you if:⁠ 

  • You want to be healthy without trying too hard⁠ 
  • You are tired of dieting, tracking, counting…⁠ 
  • You get discouraged after “falling off the wagon”⁠ 
  • You feel defeated after a cheat meal⁠ 
  • You’ve tried diet after diet and always gain it back⁠ 
  • You feel that eating healthy is too complicated⁠ 
  • You don’t have the time or energy to be healthy⁠ 
  • You want something you can do for life⁠ 
  • You want to eat what friends and family are eating⁠ 
  • You want to be healthy, but don’t know how to start⁠ ⁠ 

I agree that eating healthy can feel complex. However, I don’t think it needs to be complicated or confusing. This book shows you how to make it SIMPLE, UNDERSTANDABLE and DOABLE — without measuring, without counting, without tracking, without eating special foods and without stressing.

During my 20 years of practice, I have found that some individuals struggle with the concept of intuitive and mindful eating. It feels too vague, too abstract and more like free-falling. 

Maybe it’s because of our society’s increasing emphasis on “eating within the lines” or our increasing anxiety to do things right in a world and culture that has become increasingly more focused on perfection and achievement. Whatever the reasons, I discovered that individuals needed some structure WITHIN the parameters of intuitive and mindful eating and my purpose is to provide this structure. But I don’t want to abandon the idea that we can learn or re-learn how to recognize hunger and respond to it in a way that is physically and emotionally nourishing and sensually satisfying. 

I am determined to provide a structured and flexible way to eat. And do it without restriction and without dieting, measuring, tracking or eating special foods. I’ll recommend when to eat, what to eat and how to make it sustainable. 

You can practice this method in any city, any country, any restaurant and at any age. This is ONE-TWO PUNCH.


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