Mar 05

This Could Be You…

For starters, I have never had a weight problem, but I have had a carb problem. I have always been somewhat active and have tried to be aware of what I was eating. I have never been one to diet because restricting myself always backfires. 

The stress of a bad marriage, and basically being a single parent, took a toll on my ability to be aware of what I was eating. Cooking is not my thing, so I was eating whatever food was in the pantry or eating out all the time. Neither of these things led to making good food choices. I realized I was eating a TON of processed carbs and sugar in between meals and I was not eating anything of substance for dinner. 

Eventually, after a divorce, I was able to focus on me.  I was able to implement a good fitness routine that provided physical pain relief. But, I was sabotaging my fitness efforts with ice cream, cookies and candy. I realized it was time for me to make a meaningful change in my eating habits. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how to eat healthy and I knew that removing the stuff I love to eat (carbs) would not be helpful. Life has carbs whether you like it or not. 

I found ONE-TWO PUNCH on Instagram. I thought, “I like this idea of balancing my carbs with a protein and this seems easy to understand and put into practice.” I also knew that portion control is a weakness for me. I am 5’9” and muscular so eating tiny portions leaves me hungry which leads me to overeat. Of course I was hungry because I was eating processed carbs without substance and not nearly enough protein. My idea of a healthy dinner was noodles with tons of veggies. Learning about OTP led me to realize that by not balancing my carbs with a protein I was just constantly yearning for more food. 

Through OTP I have realized that I can have my once weekly donut if I add a strong protein like eggs. My meals have more stamina and don’t leave me grazing on goldfish and ice cream. I now try to keep sources of protein on hand. I like that OTP doesn’t preach “fat-free” foods and no butter or oil, but instead includes fat to help fill me up.  

I need eating healthy to be easy, not overly complicated and not expensive. ONE-TWO PUNCH allows me to tailor it to my likes and wants. I see my tastes turning away from highly processed carbs and moving more towards carbs with substance. In the end it is all about balance. Thank you for promoting a method based on common sense and balance. Thank you for promoting a method that doesn’t take all the flavor and fun out of eating.