Apr 15


Although you might have excitement when beginning a diet and the changes it might bring about, there is also immediate FOMO involved: “fear of missing out.” The struggle is real. In ONE-TWO PUNCH nothing is removed or cut out. You’re making a choice about WHICH protein and WHICH carbohydrate. That fist of protein can be a lovely piece of grilled salmon and the fist of carb can be brown-rice pilaf. Or, the protein fist can be two sausage links and the carb fist a cupcake. 

I like to say there’s no wagon to fall off of when practicing ONE-TWO PUNCH. There are just different choices. When eating within the suggestions of OTP, there’s no guilt and no shame. You solved your physical hunger and ate what sounded good. So now let’s move on. 

When you eat something appealing, you are sensually satisfied as well. This means it was pleasurable in addition to fulfilling a physical need.

I can solve ANYONE’s physical hunger with a piece of boiled meat and a stale piece of bread. But that person will still be sensually hungry because they didn’t have something enjoyable and satisfying to their soul and brain.13-14 

For this to work, in order for ONE-TWO PUNCH to be sustainable, you HAVE to give yourself permission to have the foods you love. I differ from some colleagues when I say you should NEVER, EVER eat anything you don’t like. EVER. 

If you really don’t like vegetables, we can get around that. Don’t eat something you don’t like. Just don’t. Period. It won’t be sustainable. It breeds feelings of deprivation. Sensual satisfaction is as important as solving physical hunger. We all have a need to be sensually satisfied with food.14 

ONE-TWO PUNCH gives you permission not to have to choke down something you simply don’t enjoy. Permission is a very necessary step in this whole process. Sure, you can have the salmon and brown-rice pilaf with a pile of salad. You don’t need me or this book to tell you that it’s healthy. But if that’s not what you like or crave, how long do you think that practice is going to last? And you’re likely miserable for the entire time that it does manage to last. 

You cannot skip the permission step. You can’t skip over all the yummy foods you love and jump right to eating whole, natural, “clean” foods. What you’ve skipped over, or tried to, is deprivation. It comes back to bite you in the butt. Because you’re feeling deprived (mad, sad, lots of FOMO), you’re likely to overeat the “healthy” foods instead of focusing on the first foundational principle of ONE-TWO PUNCH: BURN. 


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