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When I meet with clients in my office I say this, “For the next 5 minutes, don’t look at my earrings.” Most eyes go STRAIGHT to the earrings. They didn’t... read more →

Portion Distortion

ONE-TWO PUNCH allows you to get serious about portion control.71 Sometimes, when you follow a diet, you’re focusing on what you eat, by cutting out food groups and not how... read more →

What About Alcohol?

The last few pages include a lot of chatter and graphs about grams of carbohydrate, protein and fat. I included this for factual information, comparison and example. It would be... read more →


Milk is also considered a hybrid food in OTP. It used to be that when someone said milk, everyone knew they were talking about cow milk – that was the... read more →

This Could Be You…

For starters, I have never had a weight problem, but I have had a carb problem. I have always been somewhat active and have tried to be aware of what... read more →

One-Two Punch

Remember I told you this book would teach you to eat in a balanced way without measuring, tracking, weighing or calculating? Make a fist; that’s the portion size of carbohydrate... read more →

Blood Sugar

The concept and importance of balance and the insulin response is worth repeating again in a different way. When you eat a carbohydrate ALONE, without protein or fat, blood sugar... read more →


The first foundational principle, BURN, might be the hardest of all — to distinguish physical hunger. The principle of BALANCE is designed to help you regulate and stabilize your physical... read more →

Rest the Incinerator

Just as emotions affect your ability to sense hunger and fullness, sleep significantly influences how you behave.35,53-55 Adequate sleep keeps you mentally sharp, reduces the stress you feel and repairs... read more →