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Water in the OTP

The need to drink more water is old news. Here’s how it applies to your incinerator. You could easily mistake hunger for thirst, making you reach for something to eat... read more →

This Could Be You…

I was raised in a clean-your-plate culture with media touting 5’10” female models weighing 106 pounds. My tall slender grandmother called me out as “pudgy” whenever I gained 5 pounds... read more →

Are You Hungry?

You can ask yourself whether your body indeed needs fuel. External sources of false hunger, like appetite and craving triggers, are usually for something specific, something delicious.  You can ask... read more →

Is It “Time” to Eat?

An external cue for many people is the clock. What makes you reach for something to eat? Do you feel the need to eat at “breakfast time” or “lunch time”... read more →

Partly Cloudy

There are many things that can be mistaken for hunger. Your ability to detect hunger and fullness gets clouded by other influences; a primary influence is emotions. Any emotion under... read more →


Many things can confuse your ability to detect true physical hunger and fullness. If you’ve been ignoring your hunger and fullness signals for a while, your physical sensitivity to them... read more →

Overriding the System

For the purpose of this book and to decrease confusion, I am over-simplifying a complex process. In a way, ghrelin and leptin act in opposition to each other for the... read more →

The Incinerator

The first and most crucial part of ONE-TWO PUNCH is BURN: eating when you are hungry. Even if you stop doing any other part of ONE-TWO PUNCH, keep adhering to... read more →

This Could Be You …

Finally…something has clicked in my psyche after a lifelong battle with weight and food obsession. After a lot of therapy, cultivating my spirituality and my work with Claudia, I’m probably... read more →


ONE-TWO PUNCH (OTP)  was specifically created to show you how to put the best aspects of nutrition information into action — in a way that makes sense. It’s designed to... read more →