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Milk is also considered a hybrid food in OTP. It used to be that when someone said milk, everyone knew they were talking about cow milk – that was the... read more →

This Could Be You…

For starters, I have never had a weight problem, but I have had a carb problem. I have always been somewhat active and have tried to be aware of what... read more →

One-Two Punch

Remember I told you this book would teach you to eat in a balanced way without measuring, tracking, weighing or calculating? Make a fist; that’s the portion size of carbohydrate... read more →

Blood Sugar

The concept and importance of balance and the insulin response is worth repeating again in a different way. When you eat a carbohydrate ALONE, without protein or fat, blood sugar... read more →


The first foundational principle, BURN, might be the hardest of all — to distinguish physical hunger. The principle of BALANCE is designed to help you regulate and stabilize your physical... read more →

Rest the Incinerator

Just as emotions affect your ability to sense hunger and fullness, sleep significantly influences how you behave.35,53-55 Adequate sleep keeps you mentally sharp, reduces the stress you feel and repairs... read more →

Water in the OTP

The need to drink more water is old news. Here’s how it applies to your incinerator. You could easily mistake hunger for thirst, making you reach for something to eat... read more →

This Could Be You…

I was raised in a clean-your-plate culture with media touting 5’10” female models weighing 106 pounds. My tall slender grandmother called me out as “pudgy” whenever I gained 5 pounds... read more →

Are You Hungry?

You can ask yourself whether your body indeed needs fuel. External sources of false hunger, like appetite and craving triggers, are usually for something specific, something delicious.  You can ask... read more →