Mar 09

Practice – No Training Wheels

Once you’ve practiced and practiced, you’ll begin to feel like you really understand your sense of physical hunger. You will know the space when you feel satisfied and you can trust yourself to eat WHATEVER you want. Choosing your food without balancing your proteins and carbs would be fully following the principle of Intuitive Eating. 

However, scientifically, keeping things balanced will help you satisfy your hunger, keep you full longer, your blood sugar stable and help you more clearly identify your fullness when it happens.63 

It is harder to feel full when you’ve eaten nothing but carbs. So you might just recognize and acknowledge that you know that, but you are going to eat (fill in the blank) anyway. And leave out the guilt. If feeling guilty is a habit that’s hard to break, try talking to yourself as if you were your own best friend. 

Seriously, how would you respond to the negative comments being voiced in your head? We are usually more critical of ourselves than we would ever be of someone else. Treat yourself as a friend and trust yourself. That’s the empowerment I’m talking about.  

And Practice Some More…

It can be frustrating to continually practice something that doesn’t seem to get easier, especially if you are following ONE-TWO PUNCH for weight loss. It’s easy to feel a little impatient. Or extremely impatient! When you’re feeling down, let me remind you that you’ve already made a lot of progress. I know you have because you are reading this book and you’re near the end! 

Let me also remind you that there are all sorts of areas in your life that are going well. How do I know that? Because you at least had the motivation to get this book and read it, unless maybe you’re a family member of mine and you’re taking pity on me. 

If we were visiting together in my office, I would be able to list all the ways you’re rockin’ it in multiple areas of your life. Eating is only one aspect of your life in which you need help. 


63. Bellissimo N, Akhavan T. Effect of Macronutrient Composition on Short-Term Food Intake and Weight Loss. Adv Nutr. 2015;6(3):302S-308S.