Mar 15


Phew!!! You made it. ONE-TWO PUNCH was created to simplify eating, to take the stress out of it and bring enjoyment back.  All while helping you achieve health and reach a weight you are comfortable with. Let’s quickly summarize what we’ve been talking about.   


Respond when your body is hungry. Think of your stomach as an incinerator. When the incinerator door is open, when you’re hungry, your body will BURN and use anything you put in it. When you feel hungry, it’s your body’s way of indicating you need fuel and it will BURN it. 

As you eat, the incinerator door begins to close. Once closed, when your body signals that it is full, you have more potential for storing the extra food as fat. That happens when you eat past the point of fullness, but also when you eat when you’re not hungry in the first place. So the first step is trying to eat only when you feel hungry. 


Once you’ve determined that you are hungry, you need to BALANCE the protein and carbohydrate going into your incinerator to stabilize your blood sugar and to feel full longer.  ONE-TWO PUNCH allows you to do this without measuring, counting or tracking by using the size of your fist. It’s your “ONE-TWO PUNCH” towards health. The fist-size portion you choose can be any protein and any carbohydrate. It’s your choice. That’s the beauty of OTP — choices for days!


Practice the process.  It takes practice to decipher physical hunger from other emotions you might feel. It takes practice to estimate a fist-size portion of protein and a fist-size portion of carbohydrate when you eat.  You need to practice choosing options of protein and carbohydrate that are most helpful to you in a particular circumstance. Practice is a verb – it’s doing. Practice responding to your hunger. Practice sitting with feelings that are not hunger. Practice making different choices and determining how you feel. Practice trust. Practice forgiveness. Practice patience. Practice and then practice some more to become the YOU you’ve always wanted to be! 

This is a long-term, sustainable method for wellness. You can apply it ANYwhere, at ANY age, ANY ethnicity, ANY city, ANY country, ANY restaurant. It does take work and it does take commitment.  As you practice this method, without overthinking it, you will be able to focus on the bigger issues like family, friends, relationships, work, health, your life.  Respond to your body when it’s going to BURN the food you give it, BALANCE your protein and carbohydrate every time you eat and this method will help you BECOME a healthy weight and have a healthy relationship with food.